Food Travel Hacks

At the end of the day, it’s all about problem solving.

You see, in my quest to find food fluency, sometimes hiccups manifest out of nowhere. The hotel room refrigerator is broken. There’s no mini-fridge. I forgot a mouse pad. I just got back from the supermarket, and it’s freezing outside, but boiling hot inside.

Short-term issues as they might be, I still try as hard possible to find a solution for them. Let’s call these curious solutions food travel hacks.

Need an example? Always on the lookout for local food brands, I bought a hefty lot of smoked salmon, milk, and produce the first night I was in York, England on business. However, my bed & breakfast understandably didn’t have a fridge in the room.

Fortunately, however it was early December, and fortunately, both the bedroom and bathroom windows had exterior sills. Having forgotten about the lack of refrigerator while at the supermarket, I wasn’t about to let the perishables go to waste (and this particular bed & breakfast didn’t have a shared fridge). Consequently, I placed all of the refrigerable items on the sills, where they remained properly chilled during my stay. And yes, I checked to see if there was any likelihood that the items would fall on an unsuspecting passer-by, but each window overlooked swathes of shrubbery.

Note: you probably wouldn’t want to do that in a famously windy location.

But it’s not always a problem with the food. Maybe there’s something else in the room that could be adjusted with the assistance of some creativity, without having to inform hotel staff.

For a few of my tips, check out my food travel hacks YouTube video:

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